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End. New Beginnings (Lessons)

My undergraduate career has finally come to an end. I searched the web on "how to survive in the real world" and learned that no one has really figured it out yet. Reflecting on the past four years I am suddenly overwhelmed by sadness, happiness, frustrations—it was not an easy journey. These four years in life shaped my character in ways I would have never considered. I've become aware of what makes me upset, what calms me up and what motivates me to keep going.

I've learned that I have a tolerance limit for people's mendacity and learned to combat calumny with forgiveness. Most importantly, I've learned to find comfort in vulnerability—it is only part of being a strong human.

The lesson 'you live and you learn,' is in fact the most important lesson I have learned. I entered college as a naive freshmen aspiring to change the world. Quite frankly, not much has changed. I was uncertain about many aspects of my future. Though I have never doubted my passion for helping humanity. The only certainty in life--were my dreams. I learned it was okay to be comfortable with the undefined. I don't need to have life figured out--at least not yet.

I had the opportunity to travel—venturing into new cities and countries where I found hope in the eyes of strangers and comfort in their words. I've learned to speak love in three different languages, and mastered the art of forgiveness. The most life-altering conversations I've had were with strangers I've never met again. The people you love the most will not always be there. Sometimes the people you are trying to save will be the same ones stepping on your cape. I have experienced heartbreaks in various ways—it taught me humility.

The only way happiness may be achieved is through acquiring inner peace. I've learned that I am not much of an extrovert as I thought. More often than not, I prefer to spend my friday nights sitting under the moonlight conversing over chai about religion, life, books, politics with friends I've claimed as family. I've learned to find comfort in silence, and in being alone. To not depend on another human's body or emotions to fulfill the emptiness. Nothing is forever, and “eventually, everything goes away”—and you are only left with lessons.


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