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Fulfilling a Promise

During my previous travels to Africa, I visited unkempt health institutions, orphanages and slums where children are neglected, subjected to violence and abused, unable to attend school and living in the streets.

It is one thing to experience these heartbreaks for a few weeks, and a completely different thing to live them day in and day out since birth. I made the choice to travel to some parts of Africa with the well-intended belief that I am proactive. That I am passionate about humanitarian aid and promised myself as I stand in the midst of the slums in Tanzania and the vacant, silent children’s hospital in Sudan and orphanages in Kenya that I will return soon to contribute a real effort. Between caramel lattes, poetry shows, music parlors and experiencing violence and hardship in theory from a very comfortable desk in the capital city

I realize how I have lost sight of the fundamental objective of helping others. As I passed through schools, hospitals and orphanages in the rural parts of Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania, some children welcomed me with smiles that I continue to harbor in my heart for the days where I need to remind myself of their eyes to keep going. These children believed in me, that I will help, that I will come back to visit as I promised them while I pull out my very expensive camera to take a picture of their faces. I have always despised those who exploit the vulnerable and turn their stories into coffee shop conversations and poetry. I am really no different. I have become a resemblance of everything I never wanted to be. Life has a way of making you lose sight of what is really important!

On August 6th, 2013, ‘God willing’ I will be traveling back to these same places I visited in past years to fulfill the promise I have made for many of the children there. I recognize the responsibility I have to my people, to all people and humanity. I will spend time living and working directly with these children. First I am traveling to Sudan to pay an over-due visit to the children’s psychiatric hospital in Khartoum. Next I will be traveling to Kenya to assist with HIV/AIDS projects at the children orphanage center in Nairobi.

Mother Teresa once said “I alone can not change the world, but I can cast stones across waters to create ripples.”  While I know directly putting time and effort is helpful, contributing money to these two institutions is also a goal of mine. These children deserve well-nutrient meals, comfortable beds to sleep on, mosquito nets, and clothing. I will also use some of the money raised to purchase necessary supplies, books, and toys for the children. The needs are so great in these communities and I feel privileged to be able to help in any way I can. This experience is extremely important to me.

Please understand that your donation will be 100% toward helping the children and will not be applied to any of my personal or travel expenses.

Please help meet the goal of $3000 by August 2013. If you are not able to support financially, please help by spreading the word through your networks and asking everyone you love to donate. No amount is too small and the children will be truly grateful. You can even donate multiple times if you'd like to! Click Here


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