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While in Paris.

I met Emmanuelle over a year ago at university. She was an international student from Paris. I had just returned from my study abroad semester in Tanzania. With a big heart, a genuine smile and a beautiful mind that resembles her eyes we become friends instantly. This summer, I coordinate my flight to briefly stop in Paris enroute to Africa. I never understood the charms of this place. The films, books, romantic novels and the cultural hype behind it. Never truly cared to ever visit. I arrive to Paris. Realize how beautiful it is, how sometimes you do not know what you are missing until your heart discovers troves in the allies of life. I find a piece of myself I never knew I was searching for. We indulging in classic desserts, conversations, espresso, memories and photographs. Discuss politics and global affairs and books and boys and love stories. I leave this charming city feeling wistful. I tell myself, I must return. I must visit soon. I must unravel Paris in all its simple ways. I have become nostalgic for a city I yet have to discover.


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