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Who is Abir Ibrahim

Abir Ibrahim is a Sudanese-American development practitioner, currently Associate Director of Africa at the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland.


Previously, Abir headed the Private Sector portfolio at UNICEF in Sudan. 


She is a recognized organizer and thought leader on social and economic development, African Affairs, gender mainstreaming and global health. Her mission-driven approach has helped promote national and global dialogue on youth civil engagement, diaspora in development and gender economic strengthening plans.

In 2014, Abir served as Peace Corps Health Advisor in rural Tanzania where she worked closely with national and local government to design interventions aimed at health sector reform to create an inclusive space for women focusing on social and economic empowerment. In response to the extreme gender gap in poverty in her village, Abir founded Inua Naturals Inc., a for-profit that uses agribusiness and tech innovation to create new markets and economies for over 154+ marginalized women farmers and artisans who otherwise do not have access to the global marketplace through sustainable supply chain practices.


In 2016, Tanzania held its first Bridge to Success Conference. The event was organized by American Chamber of Commerce to showcase most innovative companies promoting social impact in Tanzania. Abir was featured as a guest panelist, where she demonstrated the role of Inua Naturals in the nation’s social and economic development process. She also led a variety of major grassroots educational training and workshops for vulnerable members of society, and designed and implemented various projects to strengthen livelihood and food security plans in Africa for women and young people.

Beyond her duties at Inua Naturals, Abir has served as UNICEF USA’s Community Engagement Fellow where she inspired and mobilized 55,000+ influencers, constituents, diaspora groups, donors and youth through grassroots and high-level campaigns on movements and causes advocating for the world’s most vulnerable children.

Abir continued her work with a variety of public and private institutions including Institute of Economics & Peace and the United Nations Global Compact and led major grassroots and national-level projects including forging partnerships and fundraisers to rehabilitate improvised health centers and schools for underprivileged children in Sudan; building a secondary school library and improving WASH infrastructures by constructing various water irrigation systems in rural Tanzania that serves 2000+ students; launching various social change campaigns such as an Annual HIV/AIDS Prevention Campaign and End Violence Against Children in collaboration with Tanzania Ministry of Health, United Nations and USAID.

Abir additionally serves on the Board of Directors for Partners for Development, a implementing NGO improving conditions for rural communities that are vulnerable due to poverty, inaccessibility, recent conflict or other forms of upheaval; is a Global Innovation Expert of the United Nations Global Compact; is an Ambassador of the Institute of Economics and Peace, and a strategic advisory group member on women economic empowerment area of responsibility.

She served as a Young Global Changer of the G20 Global Solutions in Germany; selected as World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions in China and in the same year nominated for Most Influential People of African Decent and 120 Under 40 New Generation of Family Planning Leaders.

Abir briefed the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2018. Later, she briefed heads of government at the United Nations General Assembly Commonwealth Africa Summit on gender inclusion and good governance; it was the first time a Sudanese civil representative was invited to speak on this issue before the Commonwealth.

Abir was recognized as GivingTuesday: Women Making a Difference and was honored with a Literary Award from her Alma Mater, University of Mary Washington. Abir has an academic grounding in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Public Health. A Sudanese born global citizen with a commitment to create sustainable solutions for gender-based inequalities through the combined efforts of grassroots interventions and global advocacy. Her work has been featured in the Daily News, 21Ninety, Voice of America, CGTN, AllAfrica, The Guardian and other media outlets.


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Becoming Bond Fundraiser in Support of UNICEF 

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UNICEF USA Joins DC Sororities to Discuss the Global Refugee Crisis

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Youtube Vlogs

I believe in the power of storytelling. The power to advocate for the people, movement and causes most important to us, using our voices..  Read more→

2015 - 2017

Master of Public Health, Focus in Health Policy

and Economics - University of New England

Summer 2012

Semester Abroad at University of Dar Es Salaam, Focus in Economics, African Affairs,

Public Policy  Studies and Intensive Kiswahili - Georgetown University

2008 - 2012

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Focus in Social,

Gender and Child Development - University of Mary Washington

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