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HuffPost: An Open Letter From 2,600+ Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Regarding The Future Of Our Country

We embrace our differences as strengths rather than weaknesses and urge our government and fellow citizens to join us in creating a robust, prosperous, diverse and equitable society of which we can all be proud. Read more

African Business: Youth Entrepreneurship via “Daraja la Mafanikio” Bridge to Success Seminar

A full day seminar called “DARAJA LA MAFANIKIO” (Bridge to Success) which was organized by The American Chamber of Commerce in Tanzania (AMCHAM-TZ) in partnership with Bank M took place last Saturday at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC) in Dar es Salaam marking a tremendous success in mobilizing Tanzanians in building a growing economy. Read more

AllAfrica: Tanzania: U.S Consultant Counsels Dar Youth

The seminar had presentations on best practices to establish a new business, conducted by a panel of young local successful entrepreneurs from different sectors including ... Abir Ibrahim CEO of Inua Naturals. Daraja la Mafanikio is part of AMCHAM broader mission to improve the strength and vitality of the private sector in the country, working to ensure a long-term sustainable ecosystem for investment and growth. Read More

  • Prevalence, Factors and Interventions Associated with Malnutrition in Kassala Region, Sudan, 2017

  • The Physiological and Psychological Effects of Female Circumcision in East African Communities,  2012

  • Ruthfully Yours: Documentary: Women in Islam, 2010

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